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Control the details
No need to compromise on your vision. Make your wishes clear with a structured brief and storyboards and video makers will make your vision come true.
Get rare or remote shots
Some locations are too remote and some traditions or events too rare to exist in stock. Get a local filmmaker to shoot it for you for the right reward.
Fast turnaround
When you make a request we brief the ideal local filmmakers in a global network of 60 countries to film your video and deliver it on schedule.
Stay on budget, no risk
Targeted filmmakers around the world compete to provide you with the best videos. Set the price and view the results before licensing the videos you really want.
Safe licensing
Licensing consumer generated content can be an issue if don't take the steps to protec your brand. We provide all the necessary safeguards with our in-App waiver signature tools.
Engage your audience
By sharing your request on your social media you can activate your own clients and fans to provide the videos you want.

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