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Seasonally Fresh

Ends: 07 Aug 2022

Reward: $ 25.00

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As an organic lifestyle respects the cycles of nature, the warmer season provides us with delicious fresh and organic foods that we can incorporate in our diets. From the homegrown gardening or land cultivation to the preparation of meals and communion around the table, we want to see the process of healthy and plant-based food habits. What's your flavor of the season?

- Shoot HORIZONTAL and highest resolution possible.
- Don't move the camera around. Use a TRIPOD or improvise one.
- Follow the script, shoot things most people can't.
- Get closer to the action. Don't shoot from far away.
- Upload ONLY videos you created yourself.
- Use model releases if faces are recognizable.

- You may submit as many videos as you like each with a duration between 5 and 20 seconds, but please stay on the script!
- Our curation team will pick one or more winners a few days after the mission ends.
- The client can buy one or multiple videos.
- Videos submitted to a request can be submitted again to future requests and sold as stock.



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