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Vintage Furniture

Ends: 16 Jul 2023

Reward: $ 25.00

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The most sustainable object is the one that already exists, so what if we give a new life to old furniture that somebody else got disposed of? Vintage decoration is an aesthetic choice that is also ecological, as it reuses existing objects for a new purpose in our homes. Whether you are going for an old look or restoring furniture for a fresh presentation, show us how you are going vintage!

- Shoot HORIZONTAL and highest resolution possible.
- Don't move the camera around. Use a TRIPOD or improvise one.
- Follow the script, shoot things most people can't.
- Get closer to the action. Don't shoot from far away.
- Upload ONLY videos you created yourself.
- Use model releases if faces are recognizable.

- You may submit as many videos as you like each with a duration between 5 and 20 seconds, but please stay on the script!
- Our curation team will pick one or more winners a few days after the mission ends.
- The client can buy one or multiple videos.
- Videos submitted to a request can be submitted again to future requests and sold as stock.



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