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Incorporate 3D Models in Video

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Incorporate 3D Models in Video

Free web-based video editor for 3D integration

Flexible 3D content in easy-to-use video formats

Start by choosing a video background

  • Pick a video from our diverse stock of product-ready footage
  • Use your own background if you already have prepared material
3D, the future of brand integration

Quickly add your 3D model

  • Upload your own model or pick from free assets avaiable - have your logo on it for brand recognition
  • Compatible with 3D scanned objects - convert a video of your product to 3D and upload the model
Align 3D perspective and lighting with video

Follow a simple 3D workflow

  • Flexible model controls for position, scale, rotation & transparency
  • Control lighting, occlusions and projected shadows
Make videos feel authentic with 3D content

Animate with ease

  • Achieve authentic & realistic 3D movements
  • Get and explore fantasy sceneries
Seamless customization and publishing of 3D product placement videos

It's done! Ready to download

  • Render your scene in Full HD as it is
  • You can customize it with your logo, a message & music on our video editor

Make your product stand out with 3D content in video

Apply your 3D product in video