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Some statements from our creators
  • Elisiário Carvalho
    Elisiário Carvalho
    Glymt Creator

    What I like... To raise my drone and discover the world with a different view and that captivates me, makes me fall in love. This platform makes it easy to share this passion and even profit with it.

  • Tjalex
    Glymt Creator

    I have a large portfolio and uploading and tagging a collection of videos was super easy.

  • António Matias
    António Matias
    Glymt Creator

    Easy to use, very quick approvals and no major issues. Brilliant idea... Inviting the authors to make proposals allows them to use the videos they already have or do what is requested.

  • Pedro Varela
    Pedro Varela
    Glymt Creator

    This creation with multiple hands was a thrill (gave me immense pleasure). Getting inspired by the perspective of other creators and having the privilege of unifying and transforming those views in one coherent artwork. I hope you enjoy my/our "Heritage" as much as I do.

  • Abril Rivas
    Abril Rivas
    Glymt Creator

    I enjoy and like the simple but beautiful videos, if they have a positive message to me even better. Thank you for this page.

  • Armando Costantino
    Armando Costantino
    Glymt Creator

    Clear, easy and simple! That’s what I like about Glymt. As videographer, I can put my effort and create my videos by following concrete request, I do love that, a huge help for us and the client as well.

  • Hugo Marques
    Hugo Marques
    Glymt Creator

    I joined for curiosity, the platform was very intuitive, later I started to upload more of my hobbies videos and respond to requests getting extra bucks selling some. I love to expose what is good in Setúbal and in our country so that the outside world know a little of our land and culture.

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