Payment Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Glymt, a platform which enables you as an individual, business or organization, to record, publish and license your own videos as well as to request, explore, rate and license videos from other Users.

Through our two-sided marketplace, clients such as brands, marketers or video producers can crowdsource specific short videos, in almost real time from local everyday filmmakers, already on the spot and now empowered by HD capable devices.

Users may send requests, view the results for free and license only what they need, making Glymt a tool for anyone to freely search the world, discover or revisit places and cultures in honest light through short video freshly made for them.

In our Service Users can either license videos from a worldwide stock of Content that was previously checked for quality control and sensitive content, or make free specific video requests, as detailed as needed, and license only the videos they want.

Once the Licensee (an individual, business or organization), acquires a royalty free license for the use of the select Content, it will be available in the User Account, where it may be downloaded at any time, as many times as the Licensee needs.

The licensing price for a video might differ according to whether it is being licensed through a request or through the stock, and the value will be specified at the time of purchase.

Users can pre-acquire Glymt Credits (packages) with discounted prices for licensing content on Glymt. Therefore the Licensee can pay for the selected Content either through (1) a one-time Fee or (b) by using the balance of pre-acquired Credits (Glymt website only).

Payment of the Content Fee is made by the Licensee through the purchasing process on our Service.; therefore Glymt receives the License Fee on behalf of the Contributor and credits the Royalty Fee in the Contributors Account. All payments are final and binding and will not be refunded to a Licensee under any circumstances, unless proven defected.

Payments on Glymt website are processed through Paypal or Western Union. Payments on Glymt Mobile App are processed through App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices).