Request Video Content For Exclusive & Private Use

Get tailor-made footage from your audience and from our community.

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Use cases

  • UGC videos
  • Specific & localized clips
  • Benefit from local’s knowledge
  • Different interpretation / visions
  • Exclusive & private content

What's unique

Fast & Easy Setup

  • DIY, no training required
  • End to end licensing solution


  • Public or private
  • Setting your price
  • Defining detailed script and language
  • Single or multiple clips
  • Even ask for specific locations

No Risk

  • No credit card required
  • Safe curated content
  • IP secured with creators payment and model waivers
  • Very affordable - pay what you license

Global Crowdsourcing

  • Scout multiple & distant locations
  • Get's diferent interpretation/visions
  • Benefits from local's knowledge

Integrated Product Suite

  • Edit and personalize videos on the fly
  • Quality HD/4K
  • Tagged videos for later search

The best model for your needs

Public content request

Ask your fans & our community to provide the footage you want

  • Request licensable ready videos
  • Create detailed briefs and storyboards to guide users
  • Choose to ask for location information

Exclusive content request

Control exactly who can see and provide videos

  • Use the Glymt platform to collect video submissions from a closed group
  • Participants can see the request and submit videos after they input an access code
  • Promote the request on your desired community
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Customized campaigns

Listen & engage your audience

  • Faster to implement, Marketing Led, no IT needed
  • Don’t waste time! Specify and get exactly the content you need: high quality clips, specific locations, curated & tagged clips, model-releases
  • Licensing and creator payment administrative processes
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